At Bring on the Bling we specialise in the distribution of Swarovski Xirius and Xilian Rose Flat back Crystals

Xirius Rose

Xirius Rose refers to the cut of the crystal.  The exceptional sparkle and light refraction of the XIRIUS Rose is evident to the naked eye and according to Swarovski Light-Point-Scintillation measurements this crystals shows an optimized light point distribution when compared to other products.  It is available in ss12-ss40 sizes only.  This is the most popular cut of crystal in the flat back range covering these sizes

Xilion Rose

Xilion Rose refers to the cut of the crystal.  Xilion Rose has similar features to the Xirius Rose, with a slightly different cut.  It is available in the same colour range as Xilion Rose and available in sizes ss5-ss10 Xilion Rose is the most popular cut of crystals in the flat back range covering the smaller sizes.

What does ss mean?

SS refers to “Stone Size”.  It is followed by a number code, which relates to a size in millimeters.  Please refer to our Size Chart to find specifications of each crystal

Flat back Crystals

Flat back crystals have a faceted face on one side of the crystal with an opposite flat back.  Flat back crystals generally have a foiled backing. Flat back crystals are available in a range of shapes and sizes, the most popular being the circular flat back.   

Non Hotfix Crystals

Non Hotfix crystals do not contain hotfix adhesive on the crystal backing and therefore are required to be attached to a surface with an appropriate adhesive.  Non Hotfix crystals are available in foiled and un-foiled varieties.

Hotfix Crystals

Hotfix Crystals contain a glue backing that requires heat to melt.  Hotfix crystals can they can be applied using an iron (with the steam turned off) however Bring on the Bling recommends a hotfix applicator tool be used when applying crystals to fabrics.

Foil Backed Crystals

Foil backing acts like a mirror, which enables light to pass through the crystal glass and reflect from the foil backing.  This creates a sparkly diamond-like effect to the crystal.

Unfoiled Crystals

Unfoiled Crystals are useful when applying crystals to netting or fabrics where the foil may be visible through the material.  Unfoiled crystals are used less commonly in embellishment and are therefore only available in a limited range.  These crystals can be transparent or a solid colour.






What is the difference between a colour and an effect?

A coloured crystal is completely permeated with a base colour from the time of its creation, whereas the creation of crystal effects begins with a pure sparkling crystal, which is normally the basis from which to start. The creative effect is then achieved through a special finishing/coating process, which applies the effect to the surface or back of the crystal, depending upon the desired outcome.

What is an effect?

Swarovski crystals offer both surface and translucent effects. Each surface effect has a vacuum coating on the obverse side of the crystal. Alternately, a vacuum coating on the reverse side of the crystal generates a translucent effect, which is intensified as it shines through the transparent crystal.

AB Crystals

AB (Aurora Borealis) crystals are coated to give an iridescent rainbow effect to the faceted faces of the crystal.  AB clear crystals are clear and their iridescent coating that gives off silver, yellow, pink and purple tones.  There is select range of AB crystals with the coating, which transforms the colour of the crystal completely from its base colour.

How many colours and effects are available from Swarovski?

Swarovski crystals offer a classic, standard assortment of both colours and effects. Depending on the product group, this exclusive array can contain between 59 and 73 colours and between 19 and 27 effects. The most significant colour for Swarovski crystals is without doubt natural Crystal, followed closely in importance by Jet and the range of Rose colours. As to effects, Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB), Crystal Golden Shadow, Crystal Silver Shade, Crystal Silver Night and Crystal Bronze Shade are amongst the highest ranking.

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